Phil de Vries Soil and Plant Specialist for Agriculture SolutionsPhil de Vries

Soil and Plant Health Advisor

and Operations Manager


Sporting his talents.

If you're ever in doubt, the party is at Phil's house. He's got a regular gig at his house every Thursday night. If it's volleyball or hockey you like, you'll find a full-blown tournament going on - - in season. This guy loves sports and it's a good thing because we always need him to be a good sport. Phil's has become an amazing asset to us serving as our Director of Operations.

To many of our loyal customers, he's also an accomplished Soil and Plant Health Specialist, providing sound advice to people like you who want to improve their crop and soil health, build organic matter and reduce disease pressure.


Plil has been with the company for over 3 years now, and enjoys helping farmers grow better, more productive crops. But he says the real satisfaction comes from the results he sees in the field and the sustained improvement in crop performance that comes from restoring health in the soil.


Because he has so many talents, we ask him to do all sorts of other things, too, and he's always a good sport about it...always helpful, always cheerful and always there for us. And, he'll always be there for you when you need him for great service and outstanding crop advice.


p.s. If you ever need advice on painting your car, sandblasting, changing your brakes, fixing a flat tire, draining a swimming pool, barbequing a big juicy steak, or planning your next vacation, Phil's your man!


To contact Phil, call 519 766 7813 or email him at