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We're the Soil-Friendly Fertilizer People.

Agriculture Solutions is headquartered in scenic Elora, Ontario. We are proud distributors for what we believe to be the finest, conventional, but biologically-friendly, and organic fertilizers available in North America. We source high quality products from suppliers around the globe to bring you a vast selection of fertilizers, soil amendments, seed treatments, seed and tools, all in one place. Our products help you restore health to your soil, build productivity into your crops and put profits in your pocket.



We're At Your Service

In addition to high quality fertilizers, soil conditioners and bio-stimulants, we offer seminars and training, crop consulting, GPS field mapping, EC zone mapping, soil testing, tissue analysis, and custom fertilizer blending.


We teach farmers how to employ the best products, using best practices, to produce the best results. Our customers count on us for quality products, sound advice and the exceptional service.



Our Programs Get Results

Together with our partners and suppliers, we have developed programs that farmers are integrating into their growing practices that are helping to increase the quality and yield of their crops and produce the best possible results. Depending on the unique characteristics of your farm, and based upon the results of soil tests, tissue analysis, an audit of farm practices, and available equipment, we'll consider the crops you are growing to develop individual recommendations that will help you achieve the very best results for your farm.


Contact Us Today

Call or write to us today to schedule a consultation. This will give us the opportunity to learn more about your specific challenges and be able to make targeted suggestions for improving your results.


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4603 Perth Road 135
Sebringville, ON  N0K 1X0
1 855 247 6548

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