Make a Plan.

Developing a plan that will help you reach your goals involves understanding the goals and how success is defined. For instance, if you want to achieve 50 more bushels of corn per acre, you will need to identify what is limiting you from achieving it. Once you know the destination, then you must choose a path.


Defining success

What is success? For some, success in agriculture is growing a healthy, high quality crop. For others, success is defined by yield volume. And still others would say that success in farming is about turning a big profit. So, how do you define success?


Agriculture is at a turning point in history. We see a trend toward getting back to basics...doing what makes sense...doing the right thing for our soil, our farm, our health and our world. Many of our customers believe, as we do, that to understand biology is to understand the key to successful agriculture. No matter how your success is defined, focusing on your soil health is the foundation to help you become a steward of the land and your crops! Looking deeper than sustainability, regeneration of the land is necessary. It's a long journey and, for some, takes a leap of faith in the power of nature – a departure from the world of chemicals and quick fixes.


Farmers that use a regenerative approach are realizing that farming naturally really works and that their goals of increased yield, higher quality, and better returns are being achieved year after year – a little more each year.


Factors and Foundation

Farmers know that there are many variables to achieving their goals. With decisions to be made on factors such as tillage, seed type, timing, crop rotation, fertility and equipment, it is important to remember that the basic foundation of farming has always been, and will always be, the soil. Building a strong foundation means making the best decisions on how to work with your soil. Building a strong foundation will help you achieve your goals.


Working Together

Armed with results from a soil analysis, we can identify your soil's limiting factors. With this information, we can develop a tailored soil and plant health program that will condition your soil and provide the nutrients that your plants need. Providing adequate and timely nutrition will yield the largest and quickest returns to your bottom line. We, at Agriculture Solutions, want to work with you to develop a plan that will help you achieve your goals.


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