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We believe in working with nature to promote balance and synergy between plants and soil. Conventional farming has adopted an adversarial relationship with nature, fighting against her, rather than working with her. The natural system only works when everything is in balance. When out of balance, it falters.


To regenerate agriculture is to re-establish balance between plant and soil; to regain harmony so that none has the unfair advantage over the other. Insects are kept in check and disease and other pathogens can be resisted by the natural strength of the plant which has been properly fertilized and has built natural immunity to the inevitable stresses of life. Read more about disease resistance.


broccoli, vegetableNatural fertilizers give plants the ability to withstand adverse conditions and stresses.

Insects and disease will not go away. Drought and floods will not go away. Extreme heat and cold will not go away. However, your plants are better equipped to withstand these adverse conditions and stresses if they have adequate, plant-available, and balanced nutrition and are functioning at their highest levels.


onion, vegetableThe importance of microbes in your soil.

Strong soil biology is the key to nutrient availability. Your soil is full of nutrients that need to be transformed into a plant available form to be usable by your crops. Microbes take in and digest nutrients from the soil and release them as plant available resources. Read more about the function of microbes in your soil.


Attend a workshop or schedule an appointment for a consultation and soil analysis.

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Define your goals for success

Collect a soil sample to be analyzed for its strengths and deficiencies

Work with us to develop a plan that will help you reach your goals

Measure progress and make adjustments

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  • Dave de Vries teaches his customer about the "tillering" stage in a field of Winter Wheat growing in Atlanta, Indiana.
  • Notice the even stand and consistent ripening of this mid-summer grain, just before harvest.
  • This Belwood, Ontario canola field produced a bumper crop of grade-A seed for oil production.
  • Several varieties of onions near Linwood, Ontario that are growing well on our organic vegetable program.
  • These greenhouse transplants show tremendous consistency in growth and color.
  • These tomatoes have been drinking their favourite beverage - a foliar from Agriculture Solutions. Look at the strong fruit set they have.
  • This windrow of drying canola in northern Ontario is located in the top-yielding field of the year and was fed a fully biological program of fish, carbon, Agri-Gro and a phosphorus source.
  • Who says organic isn't better? Look at the lush foliage and abundance of blossoms that are sure to produce a whopper crop.
  • These peppers near West Montrose that were grown on our vegetable program have exceptionally green foliage and are laden with blossoms.
  • An aerial application of a bio-stimulant at the brown silk stage on a field of corn near Belwood, Ontario stimulates nutrient uptake to promote strong kernel finishing and enables consistent dry down.
  • These 100% organic sunflowers growing on our program near Bervie, Ontario produced seeds high in oil and protein content.
  • Left to right: Jake Munroe, Dave de Vries, Kaleda Connell, Will Feenstra, Susan Ososki, Phil de Vries