what is Ampélos Humificant Inoculum?

a soil-activating amendment that increases populations of benefical microorganisms in the soil


what can Ampélos Humificant do for my crops?

Ampélos Humificant provides an infusion of carefully selected beneficial microorganisms into the soil that work to increase soil organic matter levels and mineralize and convert organic substances into plant-available nutrients. These organisms are the ideal companion to your vineyard and will deliver nutrients and other essential components to make your vineyard flourish with high-sugar fruit - the best it can produce. 


Ampélos Humificant Inoculant is a mixture of enzymatic and other supporting compounds that are activated by the starter booster solution to speed the bio-decomposition and transformation of organic material such as crop residues into humus, balancing the biologic activity of the soil and thus promoting the restart of dormant biological functions. The pH values are balanced to neutrality, thus favouring natural, microbiological functions of the soil.


what's in the Ampélos Humificant?

Ampélos humificant contains beneficial microorganisms contained in a carrier. This humificant inoculant provides the necessary inputs for activation and sustenance. It contains B. pumilus; Trichoderma plus enzymes, coenzymes, proteins and other catalysts to potentiate microbial activity.


how should I use Ampélos Humificant?

Ampélos Humificant is part of a comprehensive program and has been desiged to be used as part of that program but can be used independently as a soil inoculant for vineyards. Ampélos Humificant has been designed to be sprayed on the ground immediately after spreading composted manure or other source of organic material. It sould be sprayed directly on the compost and then incorporated immediately.


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Ampélos is a registered trademark of BIOMA Life Science.

Ampélos Humificant is manufactured by BIOMA Life Science