what is Aquasap?

Aquasap is a natural, organic extract powder of a sea plant, Kappaphycus alvarezii.


what can it do for my crops?aquasap analysis block 300

Aquasap™ can improve fertilizer efficiency, increase soil nutrient availability, improve nutrient uptake, and improve plant resistance to disease, insect and environmental stress, reducing the need for applied fertilizers and fungicides, thus reducing the overall cost of inputs. Aquasap™ is an ideal additive to conventional growing systems as a natural source of macro and micronutrients and other growth promoters that can improve overall quality.


what's in it?

Aquasap™ is made from the sap of the sustainably-harvested sea plant, Kappaphycus alvarezii. Aquasap™ is made from only the sap of the kelp plant but carries all the qualities of kelp along with high concentrations of potassium as well as luxury levels of growth promoting substances such as cytokinins and auxins. Aquasap™ is delivered in a super-concentrated format that’s easier to store and use than regular kelp with a virtually indefinite shelf life when stored in ideal conditions.


how do I use it?

Aquasap™ is naturally-derived and is delivered in a fine powder format that is 100% soluble so its very easy to use in all growing environments, especially in horticultural fertigation and foliar systems. Because it is 100% soluble, when its mixed with fresh water, it creates a nearly clear solution that is suitable for all spray or injection equipment without the risk of clogging or equipment damage. Because it dissolves into a clear solution, it can be sprayed at any time in the growing cycle and sprayed directly onto fruit without risk of staining or damaging delicate fruits.

Aquasap™ 100% soluble seaweed sap extract is an extremely affordable way to improve production, reduce plant stress, improve marketable yield and reduce input costs. Aquasap™ is recommended for use on all crops and to be applied at a rate of 200 grams per acre. 

Aquasap is approved for organic inputs in Canada by Eco-Cert. Aquasap should be applied in conjunction with standard conventional and organic fertilizer programs. Aquasap can be used as a root dip, added to a starter or transplant solution, used as a natural soil conditioner, and added to foliars to enhance growth, strength of pollination, fruit set, fruit fill.


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The products we offer are designed to be used together as part of a full-year nutritional program. For more information on use, application rates and timing for specific crops contact Agriculture Solutions today.




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