What is Blend 36 Liquid Fertilizer?

Blend 36 Liquid Fertilizer is a clean and clear solution with an analysis of 9-18-9, made with 100%, plant available, orthophosphate. 


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what can Blend 36 do for my crops? 

Picking a high quality starter can mean a world of difference when it comes to nutrient availability. When soils are cool and nutrient reserves are not yet available, its very important to be using a starter that contains available forms of nutrients that your crop can utilize immediately.


This formula gives you fast response and high efficiency for a better return. Liquid food-grade orthophosphate used in the production of Blend 36 Liquid Fertilizer has proven to be superior over dry fertilizers, liquid polyphosphates and ortho-polyphosphate mixes that use a high percentage of lower quality sources of phos-acid. Many books have been written and countless hours of research have been conducted each of which support conclusions surrounding the importance of available phosphorus to a healthy and productive plant.


The issue, however, is that the mobility and availability of phosphate depends on soil temperature and the strength and activity of its microbial community which creates phosphate through its normal life cycle. Often times, soils must be amended with minerals and micro-nutrients to support the health of soil life. A soil test can reveal what is lacking in your soil to help you build a soil environment that is conducive to optimal microbial activity.


Until your soil is warm and fertile enough, you will likely need to supply phosphorus to your early spring crop. This is where Blend 36 can help. While you are building up your soil's nutritive qualities, and while the soil is still cold and your microbial community isn't yet active, planting with Blend 36 gives your crop that head-start it needs until the soil life "wakes up". By using microbe-friendly orthophosphate, damage to soil life is minimized and no harmful heavy metals are introduced into this delicate ecosystem on which your plants depend for a season full of nutrients.


what's in Blend 36?

This fertilizer contains high quality nutrients with 9% nitrogen, 18% phosphorus and 9% potassium. The phosphorus used in these formulations is 100% pure, clean and clear orthophosphate which is one of the highest quality, most available forms of phosphorus on the market today.


Aqua ammonia and urea are used as nitrogen sources and potassium hydroxide is the source of potassium. Finally, pure mineral-rich Ontario water, along with these high quality ingredients, combine to offer a liquid solution with perfect pH to build an excellent growing environment.


how do I use Blend 36?

Blend 36 is a liquid formula that is easy to use and easy to apply. It can be applied at recommended rates, directly with the seed, without the risk of burning. Blend 36 is applied at between 15-25 L/ac depending on results of soil analysis. It can also be used as a foliar for effective, fast delivery of nutrients to your crop. We recommend adding Ignite S2 or FoliarBlend™ to your tank along with Blend 36 for even better results. Ignite S2 and FoliarBlend are high quality bio-stimulant products that provide a super-charged boost of energy and nutrition to microbes in your soil and microbes on plant leaf tissue. When used in combination with Blend 36 or Blend 39, Ignite S2 and FoliarBlend increase the nutrient efficiency of your fertilizer. Ignite S2 should be added to your starter solutions, while FoliarBlend should be added to your foliar sprays. 


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For a formula with higher potassium, try our Blend 39 with 18% potassium.


 The products we offer are designed to be used together as part of a full-year nutritional program. For more information on use, application rates and timing for specific crops contact Agriculture Solutions today.


Blend 36 is a registered trademark of Agriculture Solutions.

Blend 36 is manufactured by Evergreen Liquid Plant Food.



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