01 DavesmDave de Vries

Founder and President


He's no stranger to the Grain.

That reminds me of that song by Keith Whitley – I'm No Stranger to the Rain. But Dave, he's no stranger to the grain. He's been around a while and he knows not only grain, but all the crops. And the crops love him. In fact, Dave is crops' best friend. Just like a dog with a full stomach loves its master, when properly nourished, your crops will love you, too.  Working closely with you on cash crops, vegetables, and fruits, Dave will teach you how to feed your best friends, your crops. Your crops will have a better chance of reaching their potential when you feed them well.


Dave brings the option for biologically-friendly farming to you through education on how this method can help you reach new heights through larger yields and better quality crops. Dave works actively with over 400 clients across North America to teach the principals and methods of growing better food through proper nutrition. Since 2004, Dave has enjoyed the challenges and rewards of his work, especially the harvest.


To contact Dave, call 519 503 2535 or email him at dave@agriculturesolutions.ca