what is Liquid Fulvic Acid?

Liquid Fulvic Acid is an extremely potent and high-energy substance that stimulates plant metabolism, increases stress tolerance and acts as a natural detoxifier.


what can fulvic acid do for my crops and soil?

Fulvic acid is a very powerful input for any crop in any growing environment, including soilless greenhouse environments. Fulvic is so powerful that one fulvic molecule is capable of carrying over 60 mineral and trace elements to boost cation exchange so your crops get access to more nutrients, maximizing nutritional potential. It stimulates plant metabolism, increases enzyme activity and acts as a catalyst in plant respiration. It improves nutrient efficiency as it enhances permeability of cell membranes, and it increases cell division and cell elongation. It can improve production capacity through its ability to aid chlorophyll synthesis. It also acts as a natural detoxifer for many common pollutants.


what can fulvic acid do for my livestock?

Fulvic acid is considered the miracle of minerals because it not only affects plants, it affects animals, too. Because commercial farming has depleted nutrients from the soil, fulvic acid is not as abundant as it once was in the forage and grain grown. The natural ingestion of plant based fulvic acid by livestock has decreased to a minimal amount. Fulvic acid can be used as a natural supplement to boost the immune system, detoxify and help with the absorption of vitamins and minerals from foods and supplements to decrease the need for antibiotics and to improve the overall health and production of your livestock.


what's in liquid fulvic acid?

Fulvic acid is a bi-product of humic acid. Humic acid is extracted from any material containing well-decomposed organic matter - soil, coal, composts, etc. As humic material is decomposed by living microbes, these microbes create the most biologically complex organic compound on earth, fulvic acid. There is perhaps no substance more vital to life than these biologically-derived compounds.


how should I use fulvic acid?

Liquid Fulvic Acid is ideal for use on all soils and plants under all conditions. Fulvic acid may be administered via foliar applications. It has a very low molecular weight which facilitates penetration into plants. Nutrients can be quickly delivered to all sites within the plant, correcting deficiencies and restoring natural balance. To increase the number of internodes or flower sites a plant produces, fulvic acid can be foliar sprayed as soon as the first flower sites appear. Fulvic acid applications will also slow down the vertical growth of plants.


In hydroponic or soilless cultivation, fulvic acid can provide the same benefits to soilless crop production. Adding fulvic acid to the nutrient solution once plants are established, around the second week, strengthens their immunities and increases their resistance to stress.


Nutrient uptake is definitely enhanced when fulvic acid is added to the solution. Plants receive a steady supply of food as they require it. Sediment is reduced or eliminated from the nutrient solution when fulvic acid is added. Fulvic acid discourages binding which can cause minerals to fall out of suspension, rendering them unusable to plants.


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The products we offer are designed to be used together as part of a full-year nutritional program. For more information on use, application rates and timing, contact Agriculture Solutions today.





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