Other Nutrients and Micronutrients


Conventional agriculture focuses on the macro-nutrients of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). Plants require a lot of N, P, and K. However, they cannot reach full potential without the major micro-nutrients. There are many more mineral compounds that are required for plants to function other than N, P, and K. No matter how small the quantity required, these micro-nutrient elements are still crucial for optimal plant function. 


For example, Magnesium (Mg) helps a plant form complete proteins and enhances the rate of photosynthesis. Secondary nutrients and micro-nutrients are very important in facilitating many critical plant functions and in enhancing sugar translocation, root strength and overall plant immunity. The most critical of these micro-nutrients are Boron (B), Zinc (Zn), Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu), Cobalt (Co), Molybdenum (Mo), and Sulfur (S). Boron is critical for transporting carbohydrates through the plant system to help form and fill fruit. Boron is also a critical life sustaining element to microbial life in the soil. Zinc and Manganese are both critical for proper reproduction and seed formation. Many trace minerals have proven to be critical in enabling plants to produce complete plant compounds, which allows them to be naturally resistant to pests and disease.


The benefits of supplementing secondary nutrients and micro-nutrients are far reaching. In fact, the presence of adequate secondary and micro-nutrients help other nutrients be more effective. For instance, Boron is required to help a plant absorb Calcium. Many micro-nutrients act as enzyme co-factors and building blocks that enable plants to build complete proteins and compounds. They also aid in the development of larger, stronger roots and promote better plant immunity.


Agriculture Solutions offers Nutri-Key Shuttle Seven™ from Nutri-Tech Solutions, along with TrueBlend™ micro for organic growers. We also offer Sea-Crop®, manufactured by Ambrosia Technologies which is made from pure, concentrated sea water and contains 89 trace and ultra-trace minerals including Krypton (Kr) which will give your plants the power of Superman! Each of these very unique products can be applied as an energizing blend of nutrients and/or micronutrients that serves a very specific purpose in the quest to boost plant production.


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