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10 June 2015 - 4-Day Certificate in Nutrition Farming Course

4-Day Certificate in Nutrition Farming Course

This November, farmers and growers across North America will have the chance to hear a true legend speak. Legendary Graeme Sait will be teaching two, private 4-day courses is being held Nov 2-5, 2015 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario and the other November 9-12 in Portland, Oregon.  The course, titled Certificate in Nutrition Farming is the course to take ifor anyone who is serious about the future of agriculture.

“It’s life-changing.” That’s what many of over 10,000 growers across four continents over the past 17 years who have attended this course have said. At the end of this course, participants leave with knoweldge of a practical, innovative approach to soil and crop health that they can use immediately on their farm. Author and internationally-acclaimed agriculture expert, Graeme Sait, teaches easy-to-follow methods for growing crops that resist stress and produce higher yields with better quality.

Participants learn how to reduce chemical dependency, increase fertilizer efficiency, unlock soil nutrient reserves, improve water management and soil structure and much more. The course spans four, intensive learning days, and includes special segments on improving human health. Graeme Sait will conduct a hair analysis for each participant which gives insight into the energy and health of each individual.

Participants will gain a greater understanding of regenerative farming principles and all of the associated benefits through a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises that explore Nutrient Management, Plant Management, Microbe Management, Integrated Pest Management, and Human Health Management.

A scholarship will be offered for interested and qualified candidates to attend the course, for a reduced fee.

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20 December 2014 - A Tribute to Jerry Brunetti - an American Icon in Biological Farming

A Tribute to Jerry Brunetti

an American Icon in Biological Farming

Gerald "Jerry" Brunetti, 63, of Lower Mt. Bethel Twp., passed away peacefully on December 20, 2014, at St. Luke's Hospice House, Bethlehem. As followers of Jerry, we had the privilege of Jerry's knowledge and teachings. Jerry was an an originator and an innovator, based on what he observed and experienced in his own life. Jerry had deep and expansive knowledge and his leadership will be greatly missed.

Jerry was a highly demanded lecturer and speaker, both nationally and internationally, on topics that included soil fertility, animal nutrition and livestock health. He was passionate about the strong links between healthy soil, truly nutritious food, profitable farming and healthy communities. In his early years, Jerry studied Animal Science at North Carolina State University and then moved to western Virginia to run a cow/calf operation. He served as Regional Dairy Director of the National Famers Organization in the Northeast for five years.

In 1979 he founded Agri-Dynamics, a business devoted to providing products and services for farmers practicing ecological and sustainable stewardship towards the earth with a vision of providing a line of holistic animal remedies for farm livestock, equine and pets. After witnessing first-hand the devastating results of conventional, chemically dependent, grain-based rationed farming practices, Jerry embarked on a crusade to educate and consult for farmers who made the wise choice to transition to ecologically responsible and sustainable farming. Jerry worked towards improving soil and crop quality, livestock performance and health on certified organic farms.

In 1991, Jerry co-founded Earthworks Natural Organic Products, which provides services and ecologically safe turf care products to the golf course and landscaping industries. Jerry was active in community based organizations devoted to rebuilding local food systems and local democracy. He founded and served on the Lower Mt. Bethel Township Environmental Advisory Council, was a board member of Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) and was an honorary board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

In 1999, Jerry was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and given as little as six months to live without aggressive chemotherapy. He instead chose a holistic path of nutrition, detoxification and immune modulation and applied his vast experience with farming and animal nutrition to his own health. The links between healthy soil, truly nutritious food and profitable, sustainable farming are clearly evident in his personal and professional experiences and his skill for communicating this to people has won him extensive praise from holistic health professionals, sustainable farming organizations and many farmers and consumers.

In 2008, Jerry received the Leadership Award from PASA and the Eco-Agriculture Achievement Award from Acres USA. Jerry's articles and DVD's on farming, land stewardship and the environment are widely published by the agricultural community. He also authored The Farm as Ecosystem, which was published in 2013.

For those would like to show their support for Jerry, his accomplishments and his legacy, you may want to plan to attend an event that is being held in Spring 2015, to honor and celebrate Jerry's life-long devotion and contributions to biological farming.

If you would like to make a contribution to continue support of the initiatives Jerry started, the family has requested that memorial gifts be directed to the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture. Make checks payable to 'PASA- Jerry Brunetti Memorial' and mail to: PASA, P.O. Box 419, Millheim, PA 16854. Donations can also be made online at and fields allow those gifts to be earmarked as a memorial gift to Jerry as well.

"The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope."   - Wendell Berry -

25 April 2014 - New Multi-Function Inoculum and Seed Treatment now Available in North America


New Multi-Function Inoculum and Seed Treatment now Available in North America

Microbial inoculation is becoming widely known for its benefits of promoting high nutrient availability, especially nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium and zinc, building strength in the root zone, increasing soil water holding capacity and boosting overall crop production.

Now available in North America is NTS Nutri-Life Platform, a unique, time-tested 9-species blend of Arbuscular Mychorrhizal Fungi (AMF) and Trichoderma. Nutri-Life Platform can be applied directly on seed at planting, added in with your liquid nutritional seedling transplant solution, or added to your irrigation or fertigation system.

Nutri-Life Platform is manufactured by Nutri-Tech Solutions, an Australian based manufacturer of natural agricultural inputs, and distributed by Agriculture Soluitons Inc,, an Ontario-owned and operated agricultural inputs and consulting firm.

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10 January 2014 - Agriculture Solutions New Service for Electric Conductivity Mapping - Saves Farmers Money on Fertilizer


Agriculture Solutions Offers New Service for Electric Conductivity Mapping - Saves Farmers Money on Fertilizer

Agriculture Solutions announces a new service for Soil Electric Conductivity Mapping. Farmers practicing precision agriculture can now collect more detailed information about the spatial characteristics of their farming operations than ever before. In addition to GPS mapping, Agriculture Solutions is now able to measure and map many soil and plant properties. Soil EC is one of the simplest, least expensive soil measurements available to precision farmers today.

Soil EC measurement can provide more measurements in a shorter amount of time than traditional grid soil sampling. Soil EC mapping enables better accuracy from soil testing, allows for prescription fertilizer mapping, and promotes better fertilizer efficiency because you only add what fertilizer is needed, where it is needed, according to your costs of production. Plus, you get the environmental benefits that go along with less fertilizer use.

The investment in Soil EC Mapping lasts a lifetime because it only needs to be done once for any given piece of land.

To find out more about this service and to schedule your mapping, please contact Agriculture Solutions at 855 247 6548 or send an email to

9 January 2013 - FarmTech 2014 Event to be held in Mount Forest


FarmTech 2014 Event to be held in Mount Forest- Friday January 24th

Agriculture Solutions will host the third annual FarmTech on January 24th, 2014. The event will run from 8:30am to 4:30pm and will be held at the Mount Forest & District Sports Complex located at 850 Princess Street, Mount Forest, Ontario.

This exciting event will begin with world-renowned keynote speaker Graeme Sait presenting his thoughts on the future of Agriculture as well as his Top Ten Tips for successful farming in 2014. Graeme is an internationally-acclaimed author and expert in nutrition farming who speaks and teaches audiences throughout the world.

The afternoon is flanked with an exciting lineup of breakout sessions covering a wide range of topics including humates, microbial inoculation, methods in measuring forage quality, decoding soil analysis, considerations for human health, ways to get more from manure, the value of liquid injection, pest management, cover crops and growing better quality into your fruits and vegetables. It will certainly be an informative day with something interesting for everyone.

A hearty lunch will be provided, as well as coffee and snacks throughout the event. Early registration for the event is $75, and $90 at the door on the day of the event.
For more information, please contact Agriculture Solutions at 855-247-6548 or visit to download the registration form.

6 September 2014 - Cover Crop Payments Available

Cover Crop Payments Available

Cover Crops such as red clover and oilseed radish provide multiple benefits to farmers and to the environment. They protect the soil from wind and water erision, help suppress weeds, improve soil structure, and help hold nitrogen and other nutreints in the soil. Therefore, cover crops help protect water quality for downstream users from harmful leaching of nutrients from fields.

The Wellington Rural Water Quality Program is offering financial incentives to farmers who incorporate cover crops in their crop rotations.  The program is offering $100 per acre on a maximum of 30 acres to farmers who establish crops used exclusively to cover the soil.  Crops that are harvested or grazed are not eligible for this incentive.

For more informatio, contact Conservation Specialists at the Grand River Conservation Authority at 519-621-2761: Jen Deter at Ext. 2268 or by email at or Anne Loeffler at Ext. 2242 or by email at

riority is given to areas directly adjacent to watercourses. Farmers must hve completed an Environmental Farm Plan to be eligible for the program.

The Rural Water Quality Program provides financial incentives to support best management practices to improve water quality on farms. Eligible projects include tree planting, stream fencing, manure storages, erosion control, well upgrades, well decommissioning projects, fuel storages, and deadstock composting. Funding availability varies by county. Farmer participation is voluntary. The program is delivered by staff at the Grand River Conservation Authority.  

3 September 2013 - Agriculture Solutions Hires Local talent into its Agronomy Ranks

3 September 2013


Agriculture Solutions Hires Local Talent into its Agronomy Ranks.

On September 3rd, Agriculture Solutions welcomed two new staff members onto its Agronomy team. Ms. Kaleda Connell and Mr. Jake Munroe are Agronomists in training with the company for a period of one year before they will earn the title of Plant and Soil Health Advisor. Agriculture Solutions will invest in extensive training and mentorship for these two talented individuals in its quest to build the best agronomy team in Ontario.  

Kaleda Connell is a native of Ontario with her home in Palmerston. Kaleda comes from a solid farming background and brings a wealth of experience in Agriculture that she gained from earning her Environment in Geography and Environmental Management, specializing in Earth Systems Science from the University of Waterloo. During her studies, Kaleda also participated in a Geography and Environmental Management Co-op program at the University of Waterloo giving her a broad range of experience. Kaleda brings experience in soil, plant, and water sampling, as well as knowldege of GIS applications. During her last post with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food she monitored compost field trials all over South Western Ontario. This gave her valuable experience with understanding the practical side to soil nutrients and assessing the needs of field crops.

Jake Munroe was raised in Nova Scotia and became passionate about agriculture while earning a Bachelor of Science in biology from Acadia University, located in Nova Scotia's prime agricultural region, the Annapolis Valley. He worked as a Farm Hand on a local vegetable farm and managed his university's market garden. Jake recently completed his Master of Science degree, for which he studied relationships between soil bacteria and nitrogen availability under shade-grown coffee. Jake will be an amazing asset to the company in sharing his knowledge for improving crop production with more effective use of the soil's biological workforce. 

To contact Kaleda, email or call 519-505-5095.

To contact Jake, email or call 519-503-1405.

23 August 2013 - Cover Crops, Soil Life and Reduced Tillage: FarmTrek Inspires Local Farmers

23 August 2013

Cover Crops, Soil Life and Reduced Tillage: FarmTrek Inspires Local Farmers

A brief morning rain shower could not scare away local farmers from participating in another successful annual August field day organized by Agriculture Solutions. The event, FarmTrek 2013, drew a crowd of over 200 eager attendees, willing to take a day away from their fields to dedicate themselves to learning the processes of biological farming.

Dave de Vries, Agriculture Solutions' President, began the meeting by welcoming guests to Philip Bauman's farm, located off of highway 86 in Listowel, Ontario. Dave also introduced several informational tables that were available throughout the day to answer farmer's questions including Agriculture Solutions, SGS Laboratories for soil testing and plant tissue analysis, DeDell seeds for non-GMO seeds, Bruce AgraDehy and Greenspire Global for Safestrike®.

The first speaker, Randall Reeder, an agriculture engineer with The Ohio State Extension, presented a background of challenges to soil quality, carbon and the climate that will continue to affect agriculture in the coming years. Randall described a vision of 21st century agriculture to include the 3 C's: conservation tillage, cover crops and crop rotation. This overview prepped the crowd for the 2nd speaker of the morning, Jim Hoorman.

As a self-described combination of farmer, student, and assistant professor at The Ohio State University, Jim's energy and audience engagement won him praise as the crowd favorite! Jim discussed the importance of practicing minimal till or no-till farming while using cover crops to restore carbon in the soil and build organic matter. He highlighted the example of Dave Brandt, a well-known farmer in Ohio who has been practicing no-till for over 30 years. Brandt's story is helpful for farmers interested in beginning no-till or minimal till because they can learn from Dave that no-till did not work for him until he started combining it with cover crops. Jim Hoorman explained why—a system of no-till with cover crops mimics Mother Nature and accomplishes the goal of not disturbing the soil. Microbe populations feed on sugars from cover crop roots. In return, the microbes help perform functions such as fixing nitrogen and building organic matter in the soil. Jim likes to say that microbes "are like soluble bags of fertilizer." Over time, a no-till or minimal till cover crop system increases organic matter, which leads to better crop health and yields, while also decreasing fertilizer costs because the microbes will be doing more of the work in the soil.

At the end of the morning, Rafiq Islam, an Ohio State University professor, demonstrated a new tool that he has developed to predict soil organic matter and ecosystem services called the Lucas Spreadsheet Model. While this method requires a computer which some farmers may not use, it was a helpful exercise to prove to farmers that researchers are spending much effort to figure out the best ways for increasing organic matter over time. Another tool, developed by Rafiq was a soil quality field test kit. Each member of the audience received a free kit, which provides a very basic measure of the soil quality on a graduated scale from excellent to poor. Agriculture Solutions advises that, while the kit can provide a baseline value for soil quality, it does not provide a farmer with enough information about the mineral and nutrient makeup of their soil in order to empower the farmer to make decisions for a soil improvement program.

Later in the afternoon, Steve Knauss, president of Greenspire Global, described how SafeStrike® works. This product is an organic blend of oils and plant compounds that strengthens plant immunity against disease and insect pressure. The day rounded out with enjoying bowls of ice-cream supplied by Organic Meadow in Guelph, and hearing some outstanding examples of farmers that are following Agriculture Solutions programs and achieving inspiring results.

Will Feensta highlighted the successes of three farmers who have seen some amazing changes in their soil and plants. Aden Weber, now in his third year of being organic, credits his healthy soil life and root mass for providing enough nutrients to grow 7 foot corn with 2 fully developed cobs providing over 1400 kernels per plant. In comparison, conventional grower Terry Wideman, has also seen 24 inches of root mass on his corn plants. A third farmer following an Agriculture Solutions' program has witnessed 17 worms per shovelful of soil on his farm this season! These encouraging stories indicate that whether conventional or organic, Agriculture Solutions' recommendations can help farmers increase plant vitality, yields and soil life on their farms. Farmers on the Agriculture Solutions program are building more organic matter year after year, and decreasing their input costs over time.

As the last part of the day's agenda, Feenstra invited participants to join him, along with Philip Bauman, for a walk of Philip's fields. Agriculture Solutions' was thrilled that about 60 people joined the field walk to learn the methods of crop scouting and sampling that are performed by Agriculture Solutions' Soil and Plant Health Advisors, and which can be utilized by any farmer to assess crop health on his own farm. Scouting techniques included use of a refractometer for measuring BRIX, a penetrometer for assessing soil compaction, a PH meter, and some good old-fashioned observation with human senses, such as scouting for leaf quality and insects on the plant and smelling the soil.

Some key lessons shared by participants about the day were, "what is below ground is as, if not more, important than what is above ground," and, "From the field walk, I learned that every farmer should have at least a small part of their field where he is experimenting." Many folks appreciated the emphasis on cover cropping and minimal tillage systems. Agriculture Solutions' has received much positive feedback about the field day, and they are proud to provide such a high quality learning opportunity for local farmers. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon! To learn more about Agriculture Solutions, visit or call 1-855-247-6548. †

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29 July 2013 - 3rd Annual FarmTrek Scheduled for August 22nd, 9am - 4pm in Listowel

29 July 2013


3rd Annual FarmTrek Scheduled for August 22nd, 9am – 4 pm in Listowel

Agriculture Solutions will be holding its popular FarmTrek event, now in its third consecutive year. FarmTrek has become the premier summer agriculture education event for all of Ontario. This year's event is being held at the farm of Phil Bauman located at 8694 Highway 86 in Listowel. Last year's event drew over 250 farmers from the area and this year's event is expected to draw close to 300 attendees.

FarmTrek 2013 will feature presentations from academic researchers who will be presenting their cutting edge research in measuring and quantifying soil quality and leveraging cover cropping for optimal crop performance. In addition, tools will be shown that have patents pending which help farmers to calculate organic matter and determine the relative gains of specific cover crops on following crops. Other topics include climate change and agricultural sustainability. Demonstrations of tools and techniques will be conducted during this full-day workshop.

Lunch will be provided. Admission to the event is $25. Advanced registration is requested.

For more information, contact Agriculture Solutions at 855-247-6548 or visit


12 July 2013 - Australian Sustainable Farming Expert Teaches Course in Ontario

Australian Sustainable Farming Expert Teaches Course in Ontario

July 8-11, 2013 marked the first appearance of internationally recognized Sustainable Farming expert, Graeme Sait, in Canada.  Agriculture Solutions sponsored Graeme's famous 4-day Course called "Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture".  There were 26 people who registered and attended the course, in preparation taking the five exams necessray for earning their Certifiacate in Sustainable Agriculture.

The next course will be held January 27-30th in Guelph at the Delta Hotel on Stone Road.  Tuition for the course is $860 +HST and registration for the course can be completed online at

27 June 2013 - 1500-acre Organic Farm Opens Field Gate to Other Farmers

27 June 2012


1500-acre Showcase-Quality Organic Farm Opens the Field Gate to Other Farmers for ½-Day Field Walk

The impressive farm of Daniel Konzelmann will be home for an afternoon Field Walk of scouting and learning which is being sponsored by Agriculture Solutions, Inc., an Elora, ON based Agriculture consultantcy and crop fertility inputs provider.

This information-packed afternoon will prove to be very educational to any farmer who wants to learn how to grow exceptional crops the healthy way. Graeme Sait will be joining Daniel on his farm to showcase the success that Daniel has had with growing crops with sustainable farming methods. Graeme will start the afternoon off strong with a discussion on the importance of humus on soil health, crop production and the future of agriculture.

Visitors will also be able to see a demonstration of compost turning and hear discussion and tips on the creation of consistent, quality compost. Following that, you'll learn from Dan the techniques that he uses in crop rotation, planting, fertilizing and weed natural weed control. A walk in the soybean field will include a hands-on demonstration of several different testing techniques that are used in the field to gauge the health of the soil and the crop.

The highlight of the afternoon for many farmers will be the machinery showcase which will include a close-up look at the unique and customized machinery that Dan uses to plant his crops and maintain a healthy growing environment.

Refreshing treats will be served.

For more information, contact Agriculture Solutions at 855-247-6548 or visit

26 June 2013 - Local Agriculture Supplier Imports Australian “Gold”

26 June 2012


Local Agriculture Supplier Imports Australian "Gold"

Agriculture Solutions, Inc. of Elora, Ontario announced today that it is now importing several products from Australian manufacturer, Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS). 15,000 farms around the world are using these products and think they are as good as gold because of their value to the regeneration of soils. The biological inputs from NTS that Agriculture Solutions is now importing have been developed over the past18 years through research by Australian sustainable farming expert, Graeme Sait.

NTS products now available from Agriculture Solutions include NTS Soluble Humate Granules™, an organic chelating and complexing agent for major and micro nutrients; PhosLife™, a plant available calcium and phosphate, together in a single, high-analysis product; Nutri-Life Platform, a combination of Mycorrhizal Fungi and Trichoderma microbial organisms that promote root health; Springboard™, a premium liquid injection and foliar solution for a variety of crops including winter cereals, corn, soybeans, fruit and vegetables; Tri-Kelp™, a soluble seaweed powder comprised of three growth-promoting seaweed species; Nutri-Key Shuttle Seven™, a complete coverage of nutrients in liquid, chelated form that contains seven macros and seven micros; and Calcium Shuttle, a highly plant available chelated form of calcium.

These products are available immediately and exclusively from Agriculture Solutions, Inc. For more information, contact Agriculture Solutions at 855-247-6548.