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Anti-Stress Products

Nutrients Build Plant Immunity

Combat the stress. The best thing you can do to boost immunity of your crops is to provide a consistent, adequate supply of nutrients which will help your plants to build strong resistance to common predatorial insects, fungus, bacteria and all other soil and air borne pathogens.

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Aquasap Soluble Seaweed Powder (select a size to view price)
Aquasap is a natural, organic extract powder that is rich in potassium and plant nutrients from the ..
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Nutri-Stim™ Triacontanol (select a size to view price)
Nutri-Stim™ Triacontanol is a compound that increases photosynthesis, plant growth, and reproduction..
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Sea-Crop® (select the product to view sizes and prices)
Sea-Crop® is a naturally-derived concentrate of ocean minerals containing very low levels o..
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Tri-Kelp™ (select a size to view price)
Tri-Kelp™ is a blend of the three most advantageous seaweed species, delivered in a freeze-dri..
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TrueKelp™ organic is a high-performance, environmentally sustainable kelp extract proven to in..
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