Potassium (K)


Potassium is vital to many plant processes. Potassium determines fruit size, leaf thickness, and stem strength. Potassium also plays a major role as a catalyst in the plant sap and transports carbohydrates from leaves to other parts of the plant, including the fruit. Crops which produce large amounts of sugars have an especially high requirement for potassium.


Potassium is required for numerous plant growth processes: enzyme activation, stomatal activity (water use), photosynthesis, transport of sugars, water and nutrient transport, protein synthesis and starch synthesis.


In general, Potassium helps to increase crop yield and improve crop quality because it increases root growth and improves drought resistance, and activates many enzyme systems.


Potassium can:

  • maintain turgor for strong structure
  • reduce water loss and wilting
  • aid in photosynthesis and food formation
  • reduce respiration, preventing energy losses
  • enhance translocation of sugars and starch
  • produce grain rich in starch
  • increase protein content of plants
  • build cellulose and reduces lodging


Agriculture Solutions offers Soluble Humate Granules from Nutri-Tech Solutions that contain 8.5% chelated Potassium in an easy to use 4mm granule. Kelp is also a very good source of available Potassium. Check out our Tri-Kelp™ and Aquasap for a plant growth promoter with high K value. We also offer two orthophosphate blends, our Blend 36 and Blend 39 carrying Potassium of 9% and 18%, respectively. In addition, we offer a hot-mix N-P-K, full-spectrum, nutrient powerhouse called Triple Ten™.


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