Why Use a Seed Treatment?

Getting more out of your seed

bean seedling germinatingSeed treatment technology has come a long way since the use of salt brine in the mid-1600s. Today, seed treatments deliver clear environmental and economic benefits, making the technology a perfect tool for sustainable agriculture. Over the years, seed treatments have evolved from simply protecting the seed to helping improve plant stand and early plant health.


Seed treatments are designed to also enhance plant emergence, growth and nutrition efficiency, which, along with crop immunity, promote a more vigorous and uniform crop.


Promoting nutrient availability and disease resistance

The time between planting and emergence is the most vulnerable stage of a plant's development. Once in the soil, the seed is susceptible to damage from insects, pests, and bacterial and fungal pathogens. Seed treatments provide the seed not only with a boost of nutrients that enable critical plant processes to build plant immunity, but can be used to inoculate the young seedling with beneficial microorganisms that will provide immediate and long-lasting protection from pathogens. Microbial inoculants as seed treatments, in the form of phosphorus-solubilizers, nitrogen fixers, and mycorrhizal fungi, can boost nutrient delivery from the soil to sustain growth long after the applied nutrients have been used up.


Try something new 

An example of a synergistic seed treatment pairing is Seed Start™, a full spectrum nutrient blend with germination enhancers, along with Nutri-Life Platform™, a mycorrhizal inoculant.



Which fertilizer should I use?

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