Super Sulfur Plus

a highly available, naturally-mined source of sulfur and potassium with a well-balanced mineral profile, delivered in a 1/16 minus granular format


what can Super Sulfur Plus do for my crops?

Unlike refined forms like elemental sulfur, SSP is a form of sulfur that is in an active, oxidizing state, so it goes to work immediately in the soil. SSP also provides a natural source of potassium, to promote strong reproduction and quality characteristics in your crop.


SSP can improve soil oxygenation and permeability so soil microbes can thrive and water retention and infiltration are improved. SSP’s gypsum component provides both soluble and exchangeable calcium to enhance water availability and plant production. SSP can also be an effective agent to lower soil pH. Soil water pH is reduced, immediately, which serves to reduce the pH of the soil.


When mixed with manure or other ammonia producing bio-solids, SSP can reduce odour and emissions. The volatilizing ammonia and carbons are converted to solids and contained within the mix, thus mitigating CO² and ammonia emissions. SSP can turn organic waste into a bonanza of stable, complete, natural fertilizer.


Since sulfur is a constituent of the nitrate reductase enzyme and is involved in the conversion of nitrate into organic nitrogen, the application of SSP can improve both nitrogen availability and uptake. SSP can also improve protein production and overall plant health.


what's in Super Sulfur Plus?

SSP is a granular source of natural sulfur, mined from a 100% natural volcanic source and contains no additives, by-products or refined ingredients, whatsoever. SSP contains a broad spectrum of nutrients and micro-nutrients to help bring balance to your soil and provide those sometimes forgotten nutrients such as iron, manganese, zinc, boron, copper, molybdenum, and selenium.


how should I use Super Sulfur Plus?

SSP can be applied directly to the soil based on CEC, pH, microbial health, soil temperatures, and organic matter levels at rates between 30-100 lbs/acre. Sulfur is most effective when applied in soil temperatures of between 23-40°C.


While this product can be used individually, it is not intended to provide all the fertility needed by plants. The highest quality results can be achieved when this product is used as part of comprehensive crop fertility program. 



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