what is Thermal Guard™?

Thermal Guard™ is a foliar treatment designed to boost root growth and enable enhanced sugar storage for extra winter hardiness for winter wheat and forages of all type including alfalfa.


what can it do for my crops?

alfalfa croppedTo withstand the harshness of winter, your crop needs extra energy and the most important factor in preventing winterkill is a strong root system. A strong root system is characterized by an abundance of stored sugars which result, in part, from enhanced sugar production in the crop. Elevated sugar levels in the roots act like a natural anti-freeze and can make your crop more winter-hardy to withstand even the toughest and longest of winter conditions.


To build a strong root system, you need luxury levels of the nutrients that enhance sugar production. These include calicum (Ca) magnesium (Mg), and boron (B). In addition, potassium (K) is key to enable the translocation of sugars into the roots. Micronutrients and trace and minerals also play an integral role in promoting nutrient availability and act as synergists to help build organic matter that improves water infiltration to reduce ponding.


what's in it?

Thermal Guard™ delivers the perfect blend of plant available calcium, magnesium, boron, potassium and micronutrients that, together, promote greatly increased sugar production. In addition, Thermal Guard™ contains powerful root stimulants to build strength and endurance. Its concentration of potassium pushes sugars into the roots to sustain the stand through the winter. Thermal Guard™ also contains humic and fulvic acids that “chelate” nutrients in the root zone. Humates also feed soil microbes which, in turn, feed crop roots with valuable nutrients that enable maximum sugar production.


how do I use it?

Thermal Guard should be applied as a foliar at a rate of 8-12 litres per acre after the last cutting for alfalfa and at tillering for winter wheat or can be applied directly in the row with seed or as a sidedress with nitrogen*.


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