TrueCover High-N-Mighty™

a cover crop seed blend of oat, Austiran winter pea and Ground Breaker™ radish


boost nitrogen with High-N-Mighty

TrueCover High-N-Mighty is one of our six (6), expertly-blended, custom cover crop seed blends. It contains a high percentage of oat and Austrian winter pea along with Ground Breaker™ radish.


Oats are fast growing, have deep and fibrous roots, provide excellent forage and release high amounts of nitrogen upon decomposition. Austrian winter peas are low growing, and can fix up to 200 lbs of nitrogen per acre. Lastly, the Ground Breaker™ radish grows deep into the soil to relieve compaction and expand your soil's rhizosphere for enhanced nutrient availability for your spring crop.


This blend typcially winterkills.


Planting Rate 25-30 lbs/ac


TrueCover and High-N-Mighty are registered trademarks of Agriculture Solutions Inc



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