What is TrueBlend™?

The name says it all. True as the sun that shines, TrueBlend™ is our own brand of specially formulated liquid starter, foliar and soil conditioning products. If it says TrueBlend on the label, that means it's been made from the highest quality, organic ingredients for optimal plant and soil health.


A singular purpose.

soybeans cropped 250Plants are perfectly programmed for a single purpose - to reproduce and proliferate the species. In order to do this, they must produce seeds that will be spread about the earth and expand species population. During the programme of it's life, a plant goes through distinct stages, ending in seed development. A plant's success is measured by how many viable seeds it can produce. If you look at it this way, you can feel the plight of a plant that is deprived of the necessary inputs to fulfill its mission. Just like a child that is starved of attention or food will not develop to his or her full potential, the plant will suffer the same fate.


Control what we can.

It seems pretty straight forward, right? Give the plant what it needs and it will reach its potential. It's not that simple. There are some things that we can control and some things we cannot. As a farmer, you must try to control the variables that you can (nutrient availability, planting depth, population, etc), so that your crops can have the ability to handle environmental stresses (flood, drought, extreme heat, lack of sunlight).


Whether its germination, initial root development, blossoming, pollination, fruit fill, or any other critical step in the process to make seeds, the plant has a list of ingredients it needs to complete each step.  The obvious ingredients are sunlight, air and water...and, of course, nutrients.  However, plant and soil scientists are still conducting reserch to identify and characterize the nutrient requirements and interactions that come together to enable a plant to reach its potential. 


Give them what they want.

Don't fret, though. We do know a lot about what makes plants "tick". And, we do have tools and techniques to help you navigate the risky business of organic plant health.  One of the biggest levers that an organic farmer has in affecting plant potential is the supply of adequate and timely nutrition. Agriculture Solutions created TrueBlend to take the guesswork out of effective plant nutrition. Each TrueBlend formulation is organic and delivers optimal nutrition to your crop at the most advantageous times, based on the crop's needs at its specific growth stages. There's no guesswork. It's all pre-mixed for you.


We offer four organic TrueBlend formulas to include soil conditioning, starters, foliar and micronutrient solutions that are formulated especially for field crops, forages, fruits and vegetables and cover crops and target the full-season nutritional requirements of your organic and biological crops. 


Try our organic TrueBlend soil rejuvenator, organic TrueBlend starter, organic TrueBlend micro and organic TrueBlend foliar that give your crops what they need to reach their potential.


The products we offer are designed to be used together as part of a full-year nutritional program. For more information on use, application rates and timing for specific crops contact Agriculture Solutions today.


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