TrueTurf™ organic

To grow a lawn that is vibrant and healthy, you must have an abundant supply of nutrients, especially calcium and micro-nutrients. Nothing can replace the role of these elements in the nutritional supply chain, and when it comes to supplying the compounds that lawns and sod need, nothing beats TrueTurf™ organic.


The TrueTurf™ Difference

TrueTurf-organicTrueTurf™ organic provides nutrients including calcium, micro-nutrients, carbohydrates, enzymes, amino acids, stabilized liquid oxygen and other natural growth stimulants to lawn turf in the soluble form it requires. Calcium is nature's detoxifier and, in combination with other essential nutrients, the presence of calcium can help maintain a chemical balance in the soil, reduce soil salinity, and improve water penetration.


TrueTurf™ organic boosts turf grass growth and quality, and works to provide the maximum release and uptake of soil nutrients needed for turf grass production. While there are many lawn fertilizers on the market, none can offer the advantages of TrueTurf™ organic.


Formulated with a proprietary blend of organic acids, TrueTurf™ organic works in the soil to break down unavailable mineral reserves and convert them to an available form that grass can utilize. With TrueTurf™ organic, literally hundreds of pounds of insoluble minerals in the soil can be brought into solution, insuring that the turf grass has an abundant supply.


TrueTurf™ organic Does More

TrueTurf™ organic does more than just lawns. It can also be sprayed on all your ornamental plants including shrubs, perennials and even your ground covers to build up plant health and produce thick, lush foliage. 


With regular applications of TrueTurf™ organic, you’ll see a difference in the thickness of your lawn because TrueTurf™ stimulates root growth and enhances nutrient availability in the soil. Your lawn will be getting healthier under the surface, without too much top growth that high-nitrogen fertilizers can cause.  Nobody wants to mow more often than necessary and excess nitrogen causes plant energy to be directed toward top growth, not into healthy roots.


Healthier roots mean better nutrient uptake, improved drought resistance, better recovery in high traffic areas, and softer soil. Softer soil means that more water infiltrates and can be held in greater quantities and for a longer period of time.


TrueTurf™ organic is simple, safe and easy to use. The best part is the piece of mind you get from using an all-natural product that’s not only good for your lawn and soil but also that isn’t harmful to humans, pets and wildlife, and won’t contaminate your water supply.


The Benefits of TrueTurf™ organic

The benefits of TrueTurf organic can include:

  • Enhanced germination for newly seeded areas
  • Increased root mass and depth
  • Improved uptake of water and nutrients
  • Improved drought tolerance
  • Increased resistance to disease and insects
  • Faster recovery of turf in high traffic areas
  • Faster breakdown of thatch
  • Increased organic matter and water retention 

University research has shown that ingredients in TrueTurf™ organic increase nutrient availability up to 68%. Research also proves that these ingredients also lower sodium levels in the soil and plant tissue. Since sodium competes with potassium for uptake, high sodium levels can greatly reduce the plants ability to absorb nutrients.


TrueTurf™ organic is designed for application on residential, sports fields, recreational areas, commercial landscapes, public turf and other green spaces.  


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