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  • raspberries and peppers
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  • Healthy broccoli field in St. George, Ontario thrivingon a full liquid program.
  • Strong cauliflower and melons growing in mid-summer in West Montrose, Ontario.
  • Blossom stage melons in West Montrose, Ontario with lots of blossoms and lots of runners for high yield potential. Note all the bright yellow blossoms.
  • High tunnel in the Elmira area planted with organic raspberries and peppers.
  • Early Tomatoes planted directly into the soil, in the greenhouse using a full biological program including Agri-Gro Foliar Blend.
  • Admire this field of organically grown potatoes near Alliston, Ontario. Notice the lush foliage and absence of any disease on this field.


Except for fruit, vegetables are probably some of the most rewarding crops to grow. However, they're also some of the hardest to grow for several reasons. The biggest reason is that consumers expect quality in their vegetables and many times, quality is measured largely by how a vegetable LOOKS. People expect their vegetables to look perfect and taste great. Vegetables that look perfect and taste great must be disease and pest free, and contain high levels of minerals and complex sugars.


Minerals and Sugars

Here at Agriculture Solutions, we know that healthy plants are high in minerals and sugars and, in turn, produce vegetables that are high in minerals and sugars - making them high in great taste! We also know that plants which are high in minerals and sugars will have a higher level of immunity to disease and pests. This means that if you maintain a healthy plant, your need for pesticides and fungicides will be greatly diminished and your vegetables will stay looking good through to harvest. Healthy plants will produce great tasting, good looking vegetables with excellent storability.


A Stress-Free Life for Plants and Trees

Building a healthy plant requires a balanced diet of high-quality nutrition. Think of Popeye and his spinach. When he ate that spinach, his body was strong and invincible. When you give your vegetable plants regular, healthy doses of macro- and micro-nutrients, they will be stronger and more invincible, even against the toughest air- and soil-borne pathogens and even the most voracious of insects. But don't stop there. Make sure you feed your soil microbes, too. They will devour pathogenic organisms, keeping their destructive population numbers down in your soil, giving your vegetable plants an easy and stress free life.


The Right Fertilizer

Agriculture Solutions offers conventional TrueBlend fertilizer blends and full-season programs to make your vegetables the best they can be.


Vegetable Program


  • In the spring, when the soil has warmed to around 14 degrees C, spray TrueBlend™ Soil Rejuvenator on the soil at a rate of 8 litres per acre. Soil Rejuvenator may be mixed with water or mixed in with liquid nitrogen.

    Note: If you are planning to spray glyphosate, also plan on adding Agri-Gro® FoliarBlend to the tank at a rate of ½ litre per acre to lessen "yield drag" and buffer the harmful effects this material can have on your soil's microbial life.

  • Plant with TrueBlend™ starter solution at a rate of 8 - 12 litres per acre, mixed with enough water to make a planting rate of 20 litres per acre of total solution. Please note that your application rate will vary depending on results of a soil analysis.

    Vegetables of all types benefit from being planted with a planting solution that provides a boost of nutritients to give the seed or transplant seedling what it needs to get a strong start.

  • Apply TrueBlend™ foliar solution at a rate of 7.5-10.5 litres per acre, mixed with enough water to spray 120-160 litres of solution per acre. Vegetables should be foliar fed once every 10-14 days from planting to harvest.

    Our foliar solutions contain high quality ingredients to bring efficiency to your fertility program.  With nutrients, micronutrients and bio-stimulants, our MaxMix and TrueBlend foliars are perfectly blended to provide supplemental nutrition to your crops and keep the microbes well-fed and releasing a steady supply of plant-available nutrients to promote the highest quality fruit, the highest disease resistance, and the largest yields.

  • After your crop has set fruit, apply TrueBlend™ Foliar solution at a rate of 7.5-10.5 litres per acre adding 1-2 litres of 8% liquid potassium. Mix with enough water to spray 120-160 litres of solution per acre and apply the foliar once every 7-10 days from fruit fill to harvest.

    As your vegetables set fruit, greater amounts of potassium and other minerals are required to fill the fruits with the mass and minerals required to produce high yield and high quality.  This addition of potassium also increases the brix level and the storability of the fruit.

  • Vegetables grown on our program typically have higher test weights, higher sugar levels, longer storability, and better flavour.

    Due to the fact that vegetables produce heavily, they demand nutrition. If they do not get what they need from the soil, they will steal the nutrition from the plants themselves. You may be familiar with plants, such as tomatoes, appearing to die from the bottom up. This is a sign of a posassium deficiency and the plant will rob the potassium contained in its own leaves - - leaving the plant weaker and less able to photosynthesize. This is why it is very important to continue feeding your vegetables right up to the end of harvest.

    Money Saving Tip: If you follow our program, we expect that your crop will be more resistant to soil and airborne diseases. However, if you feel you must spray a fungicide, consider replacing your fungicide with a shot of Agri-Gro® FoliarBlend or Agri-Gro® Foliar Blend Ultra (organic) at a rate of 1 litre per acre. We think it will save you money and give you better results.